Creative DIY Paques ideas

Creative DIY Paques ideas

Creative DIY Paques ideas
It's soon Paques, but have you thought about your decoration? I suggest you to take inspiration from these few ideas to realize easily, quickly and especially small prices, pretty homemade creations. Decoration, Kitchen, Sewing, Sculpture, Free printable ... there is something for everyone. It's time for a little round-up in the country of creativity.

DIY Paques Decoration :

DIY Paques and its batch of chocolate! Even if this commodity is very pleasant to the palate it is on the other hand much less for our roundness. For it is not necessary to be deceived, the children receive so much today that it is the parents who are obliged to eat them! What if habits were changed? Why not replace some of these treats with small gifts? Attention these are little tinkers like those that slip in the calendar of the advent (Barrettes, bracelets, rings, ephemeral taouage ...). But for the theme to be respected then I suggest you take up the idea of Martha Stewart by wrapping them in crepe paper giving them the shape of carrots. An idea easy to achieve and that will not leave children indifferent.

If we already knew the nails caviar, we can now have the eggs that go with it! Using the same technique as above, we will get these little wonders. However, for those who need the tuto, it is here.

Filling eggshells with confetti, here is an original idea and that will make it possible to recycle pleasantly the remains of carnival! Simple to make, these little surprise eggs are to be used preferably outside!

To create lovely terrarium inside eggs, here is an idea that will not lack charm on your table. No need to have green hand, some greasy plants, a bit of soil, moss and a small flower slipped inside plastic ovoid shape and the trick is played! For a more elegant presentation, these small eggs will be placed in a cardboard box provided for this purpose.

Not the time or the desire to embark on great creations? No worries, you can still get a nice DIY Paques decoration in just a few minutes. This is thanks to one of our favorite products ... the Masking Tape. It is used here to create a tree on which is suspended nice multicolored eggs also covered with this precious ribbon.

If the basic elements are the same rendering is absolutely not similar. In this tutorial, the Masking Tape is reduced to the state of the yarn that is randomly wrapped around an egg. The rendering is just fantastic!

Ovoid shapes cut out of thick paper, pretty graphic lines, and these little wonders are suspended on light branches. The composition of Lisanne will be perfect to set the tone of these DIY Paques celebrations.

We already knew them by way of mud, but in the form of candlesticks, I confess that the idea is also pleasant. A small deco easy to realize, Melt flat candles, remove the wick, and put the whole in the eggshells.

If the idea is not necessarily new, I do not get tired of it. I always share the same pleasure of customizing figurines in brand place. These rabbits move to "fine gold" and have a pin wisely waiting for the guests to take their seats.

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