DIY Attrape Reve Idea

DIY Attrape Reve Idea

An attrape reve, "attrape reve" in French, is a small handicraft object born in Amerindian culture. According to a popular belief, the attrape reve prevents the nightmares from disturbing the sleep of its possessor. Bad reves are captured in its nets, and burnt at the first light of day. 

If by tradition, it is hung near the window (so that the rays of the sun can reach it), today it is found throughout the house, from the bedroom to the living room. It has become a true decorative object, whose symbolism has seduced the smallest and the biggest.

But because we do not necessarily have the opportunity to buy one in Paraguay, why not make it yourself, and customize it to our liking? In lace, crochet, feather, pearl, or tassel, discover all the pretty ideas of our bloggers. After all, the important thing for him to walk is above all to believe in it.

Sweet DIY attrape reve

I reved for a long time, like everyone else I think one day or another we buy a attrape reve, we try to believe in its powers to hunt bad reves or we buy it just to make a pretty decoration. This autumn, I begin to collect sweet objects, what do I mean by that? Objects that make me want to stay longer in bed, comforting objects in case of rainy day.

So I started in this DIY that we find everywhere, but I wanted to do it for a long time. I offer my version in white & nude tones.
And make beautiful attrape reve...


- An embroidery drum (16cm)
- White or ecru thread
- Wooden beads
- White feathers
- A set of 6 Artemio tassels
- Glue and a pair of scissors

Step 1 -Make a tight knot at the top of your drum and repeat the operation 5 times to create a hex. Cut the thread.

Step 2 -My technique to have a strong attrape reveis to start again step 1 in the middle of a thread, especially tighten hard to stretch your thread.

Step 3 -I was able to perform this technique four times.

Step 4 -Customize your attrape reveusing pompoms. I told them in two and pass a wooden pearl with a needle. Arrange the wooden beads as you want and knot them so that they do not slip.

Step 5 -Glue white feathers into wooden beads

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