23 Benefits of Jogging that you need to know

23 Benefits of Jogging That You Need to Know

Running is the right and effective type of exercise for all. You can run almost anywhere,city streets, parks or country paths.... can all be used by the jogger. And it costs you nothing you don't have to join a club to jog. You need a special court or any special equipment either. A t-shirt, a pair of shorts and good running shoes will do, and away you go.

What is the best time of day to go jogging ?

You can run as much as little as you like, and you can go jogging at any time of day that is convenient. Some people prefer to go jogging in the morning before breakfast For other, an evening run is a good way of relaxing after a busy day. The bottom line is that you should begin jogging.
Important notice : For beginner you should start with brisk walking, then progress to jogging and work up to fast running.

Why jogging is good for your health ? 

Many people start jogging to improve their health, to lose weight and look and feel better. Exercise such as Running  improves your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles. There are many benefits to be had from regular exercise. Jogging improves your appetite and make you sleep better.

What are the benefits of jogging regularly ?

1 .Helps you to Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis.
2 .Helps you to Improves Heart and Lung Function.
3 .Helps you to Increase Muscle Mass.
.Helps you to accelerate metabolism.
5 .Reduce risks of developing heart disease.
6 .Jogging is a weight-bearing activity that helps improve bone density and strength.
7 .Helps you effectively to prevent diabetes .
8 .Jogging is one of  the most efficient types of exercise for burning calories.
9 .It may help lower your cancer risk.
10 .Jogging helps you control your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
11 .helps Improve your running motivation and always stay motivated to run.
12 .Jogging can be the perfect training program for people who want to lose weight and  Progress to high-speed running.
13 .Can help you to increase self-confidence and personal motivation.
14 .Can help you to get a successful Weight Maintenance and keep the pounds off.
15 .Helps you to  look younger than your age.
16 .Helps you to get rid of bad armpit and sweat smells.
17 .Helps you to boost your endurance and stamina.
18 .Helps you to Improve emotional state and boost your well-being and happiness.
19 .Helps to seek out challenges to stretch yourself.
20 .Helps to get a great tan meaning.
21 .Helps improve fitness then allows you to exercise at higher intensities .
22 .You become better able to cope with and handle stress
23 .Jogging has the possibility to help you lose a significant amount of weight relatively fast.